Sunday, January 29, 2012

Where We Are

I have decided to finally come back and start blogging again. I hope I will be able to stay up with it and keep it going as long as I can.
Since my last post, we had gotten married and moved to Kentucky and did the APX summer sales. We returned to Utah and worked for a while until Josh got accepted to the U.S. Army. Now we are stationed at Fort Bliss Texas. We have an amazing house that I love and am so glad we were able to get it! Josh deployed back in September 2011 and came home for R&R 2 weeks ago. He left on the 27th to go back to Afghanistan for another 6 months. I think the second goodbye was definitely harder than the first. To have him leave once is bad enough, but to have him home, safe in your arms, and have to let him leave again is the worst feeling in the world. Although I am very proud of him and wish him luck, and love him very much. Now I am home, did a bunch of deep cleaning yesterday, and now I get to relax and enjoy some movies. :)

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